• Fuzzy Logic for automated data validation
  • ergonomic forms processing
  • easy implementation of structured, semi or totally unstructured forms
  • transparent Workflow structures
  • high data quality results

  • Increased productivity by time saving processes
  • Excellent ROI
  • Clear defined and easy to follow Workflow steps
  • Easy batch handling from the start to the end of the process

More information from your printed documents

With FormsRecŪ you can quickly capture any information you need to enable you to process your documents completely. Using extensible interpretation rules, FormsRecŪ finds the appropriate field-data in your documents, forms, invoices etc. You can train the system yourself to adapt to your changing needs. It couldn't be more flexible!

Reduce your data capture time

FormsRecŪ reduces interactive processing by extracting relevant data during document analysis, using interpretation rules. The manual processing time for these documents is drastically reduced!

Optimal data quality

FormsRecŪ recognition technologies are state-of-the-art; even with skewed, distorted or otherwise flawed images, you are assured of optimal recognition results. The correction and verification tool minimize the rate of errors.

FormsRecŪ is rational

The software processes your daily mail and extracts information fully automatically as pre-defined; names, addresses, amounts, dates etc. can all be extracted from documents of forms as required by any application within your organization. Applying business rules and interacting with existing data adds intelligence to the process to get even better results. FormsRecŪ bridges the gap between printed documents (non-coded) and electronic data (coded information).

Diverse processing options

A FormsRec solution be applied in many different areas of business: retailers, manufacturers, banks, distributors, mail order companies. In fact any business or institute with large volumes of documents to be keyed can benefit from using FormsRecŪ. Within your business there is no limit to the type or number of applications that can take advantage of FormsRecŪ. Choose FrontCollect FormsRecŪ for Invoices to solve your high-volume purchasing problem, or build a custom FormsRecŪ application to suite your needs using All for One's expertise and the FormsRecŪ development toolkit. All FormsRecŪ solutions can integrate with existing applications as required.