• Invoice recognition immediately after installation
  • No setup, configuring or programming required
  • Reads all types of invoices
  • Ergonomic user interface
  • Processing steps can be traced
  • Transparent processing status
  • Processes single and multiple-page documents
  • Applies current sales tax rates
  • Recognizes freight and packaging
  • Processes different languages and country-specific rules
Benefits of implementing FCI formcraft Invoice
  • Automated invoice processing
  • Increases data throughput rate
  • Short orientation and training period for staff saves time
  • Frees personnel from time-consuming routine tasks
  • Takes advantage of early payment discounts
  • Consistent quality in invoice processing and checking – regardless of workload, human resources levels etc.
  • Avoids time-consuming manual data capture
  • High recognition rates at field and document level
Summary of Benefits
  • Faster processing
  • Cost reductions
  • Processing of invoices with and without order reference
  • Optional integration into SAP® R/3® systems
  • Optimized financial controlling
  • Additional benefits from punctual payments
Optimizes and speeds up processes, reduces costs

Processing incoming invoices used to take up a lot of time and effort. Invoices arrive in many different formats. Each one must be manually captured, verified and sent for payment authorization. Valuable time is lost as invoices pass through several departments. Discounts for early payments can no longer be taken advantage of and reminders may even result.

Automating invoice processing provides enormous added value for most companies. Tedious manual tasks become superfluous, as does the time-consuming forwarding of paper from one department to the next.

Our solution: automated invoice processing with FCI formcraft® Invoice.

FCI formcraft® Invoice realizes this potential. Your entire invoice processing becomes easier and faster. The software reads invoices, recognizes suppliers, and creates a link to the order automatically, from capture to payment.

FCI formcraft® Invoice reads invoices as soon as it's installed

All invoices are similarly set up, but the way they look varies from supplier to supplier and is out of your control. FCI formcraft® Invoice is oriented towards these layouts, so it can read invoices and credit notes as soon as it is installed – without complicated setup, configuration, or programming.

Unlike OCR solutions and forms-based systems, the invoice reader does not have to be trained to recognize where each item of information is for each individual supplier. FCI formcraft® Invoice users do not need to define these fields and link them with the supplier master data – a procedure which other systems require before they even read their first invoice. This can be very time-consuming and expensive when handling several hundred or even thousand suppliers.

Step by step – the individual steps

Processing steps:

1. Supplier recognition

FCI formcraft® Invoice looks for information which it can compare with the supplier master data from the ERP system just like a person would. It looks for typical features on the document such as name, address, telephone number, fax number, bank details or tax id number and compares the information found with the master data. This data comparison is done by an error-tolerant "fuzzy server", which provides a result even if it doesn't find a 100% complete match, as in the case of incomplete reading results, different spellings, or out-of-date information in the supplier master data.

2. Reading the data

In the next step of the processing FCI formcraft® Invoice uses its "intelligence", set of rules and Knowledge Base to extract the information required for processing such as invoice number, date or amount etc. If the system already "knows" the appearance and setup of invoices from a specific supplier, it extracts data using knowlFCI formcraft stored in its Knowledge Base, otherwise it uses its set of rules.

FCI formcraft® Invoices’ set of rules enables it to read previously unknown invoice forms immediately because it finds the required information using the structures and appearances of values, key words and calculation rules. FCI formcraft® Invoice recognizes different spellings of key words (e.g. Invoice nr.or and rules for calculating amounts (Net + sales tax = Gross) so invoices from a new supplier can also be read immediately.

3. Extending the Knowledge Base

FCI formcraft® Invoice reliably extracts information from unknown invoice layouts. When an invoice arrives from an unknown supplier for the first time or the set of rules cannot find a certain value the invoice is forwarded for post processing where the information can be corrected and completed as required. The invoice readers learning function analyses what information has undergone post processing and adds this information to its Knowledge Base. FCI formcraft® Invoice learns automatically and can apply its new knowledge to the next transaction.

When the set of rules has read a value correctly it is not changed in post processing. FCI formcraft® Invoice learns the positioning and appearance of this suppliers values. If a value is changed in post processing FCI formcraft® Invoice searches the document for this changed value and stores the correct field position and format information.

Reading invoices with and without order reference or purchase order

It's not enough just to read invoices. Different types of invoices – with and without order reference, with and without incoming goods – need different methods of processing. In many companies most invoices refer to orders stored in the ERP system. Data now no longer has to be manually captured and entered. FCI formcraft® Invoice can compare invoices with order and incoming goods information (where available), automating the actual invoice verification process.

SAP® integration

For SAP® R/3® users, FCI formcraft® Invoice provides an additional module for integration into the SAP® R/3® system – a highly automated, economical solution. FCI formcraft® Invoice exports invoice information that has been read in to SAP® and automatically starts the appropriate process in SAP®. FCI formcraft® Invoice uses supplier master data from SAP® to recognize suppliers. If an incoming invoice has an order reference, this information is compared with order and incoming goods information.

Speeds up processes, reduces costs

FCI formcraft® Invoice saves you time due to the short introduction and orientation times required for your staff and the high rate of recognition at a field and document level. Since our invoice reader can also process unfamiliar invoice layouts, it takes very little time and effort to set up and maintain the system in production.

FCI formcraft® Invoice frees your staff from time-consuming routine tasks. The time and effort involved in manual post processing and data capture is minimized, and the throughput rate is frequently increased by 200 percent or more. Throughput times are considerably shortened, and optimized financial controlling and precise and punctual payment management are just some of the additional benefits of FCI formcraft® Invoice.